Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Whys & Wherefores

This blog is dedicated to pet lovers everywhere. And to anyone who needs to smile and have a laugh. People keep all kinds of animals as pets, so we'll be a little broader than just puppies and kittens. From camels and capybaras to cats and canines, we're going to cover it all. Rabbits, elephants, birds of all kinds. We'll keep it simple. You can come here and just laugh.

Please consider submitting photos of your nearest and dearest animal pals. If they're family and pet friendly, and in any way cute or funny, we'll put 'em up! If you want we can mention you, your blog or site, etc.

If you own a photo shown here and want it removed, send us proof of ownership and we'll be happy to remove it immediately.

You can always comment, or email us directly at funnypetphotos AT gmail DOT com. (Obviously change the caps to the symbols, we're just trying to foil the spambots!)

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